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As specialists in the field of nutrient synergy, Tisso has meticulously formulated a range of supplements that target specific health concerns using only the highest quality in all-natural ingredients. As experts, scientists and researchers, they have combined their knowledge with cutting-edge technology to develop powerful formulations. With a holistic approach, we undertook a brand lift for TISSO, rooted in an in-depth research and analysis, translated into packaging and product design, print collateral, web design, and many other key brand assets.

Photography by: Christopher Philadelphia

Photography Art Direction: BYKARB

Portofolio photography by Savannah J & Editing by Jackie Th

Your specialists for natural nutrient synergies.

By providing causal treatment based on natural raw materials and by sharing our technical knowledge, we enable sustainable health and build awareness in society for an independent healthy way of life.




TISSO was in search of a distinctive voice that would allow them to deliver a more targeted, yet cross-sector experience while expanding their B2B2C community. By incorporating and aligning their designs holistically and mindfully on all levels, the brand should convey a consistent message and meaning with creative excellence.


As part of TISSO's rebranding, we worked on an elevated brand strategy, design solutions, and guideline systems. Our team revised the original visual identity and created a renewed brand story and design elements based on TISSO's heritage and tradition, consciously repositioning the brand. By building strategic solutions derived from expert forecasting of upcoming movements and innovations, we gave TISSO a distinctive position in the health and wellness industry.



In order to bring the identity to life, a variety of design outcomes needed to be created, overhauling all print systems, including the redesign of product catalogs, brochures, educational materials, as well as the development of an entire product line to reflect the brand's renewed visual identity. The refreshed packaging should seamlessly enhance the brand's market appeal and deliver a consistent brand experience across all channels.


As part of TISSO's rebranding, we incorporated their values through sustainable packaging and print redesigns. Clean layouts and refined typography conveyed their expertise and scientific approach. By using recycled materials, we reinforced their unwavering dedication to excellence, timeless quality and the pursuit of well-being. Creating a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, we executed a web design for both B2B and B2C audiences. Our holistic approach across digital and print platforms deeply engaged stakeholders, showcased TISSO's healthcare expertise and effectively created a transformative brand that reshaped the industry landscape.

Nature does not provide any single agents. Neither do we. Whether microorganisms for the gut, plant extracts, minerals, amino and fatty acids or vitamins – our formulas combine nutrients just as nature has shown us.

– Stephan Thomas, Marketing Director of TISSO

As specialists in the field of nutrient synergies, we have meticulously formulated a range of supplements that target specific health concerns. Our expert team of scientists and researchers have combined their knowledge with cutting-edge technology to develop powerful formulations. Discover the power of nature, backed by scientific expertise, and unlock your body's true potential with TISSO.




Creating and curating a channel-specific content production that showcases TISSO's updated, thoughtful and forward-thinking design implementations across their diverse product range. A visually cohesive and engaging narrative was created, focusing on the story behind the brand and the values it represents.


We created a captivating and carefully composed content production in order to highlight the new product and packaging design, showcasing the immersive brand world of TISSO as a leading German nutritional supplement brand. Visuals and set elements were curated and arranged in an enhancing composition embodying the deep green hues and incorporating various natural elements that resonate with TISSO's commitment to the environment and well-being, resulting in a powerful visual experience.