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Schweizerbad is a prestigious Swiss company known for its century-old tradition of manufacturing high-quality bathroom furniture rooted in aesthetics and practicality. With a keen sense of timeless design, they create products that combine exquisite form, durable materials and functionality through craftsmanship. We guided the brand into a future-oriented direction starting with a brand repositioning and a targeted brand refresh, implementing holistic content productions and thoughtful, design-oriented print creations.

Photography by: Christopher Philadelphia, Ramona Gschwend

Photography Art Direction: BYKARB






High-quality designed bathroom furniture that exudes style and utility.



Envisioning a rebranding of Schweizerbad to ensure a cohesive and consistent brand image across multiple platforms. Developing a new identity through a consistent design language that best reflects the brand's values and history, while creating a more compelling brand presence that endures and resonates with the target audience.


Through a comprehensive analysis of the brand's existing identity and visual elements, we created a strong and recognizable rebranding. The original logo was revised and a new, distinctive icon was created to accompany it. To capture the essence of the brand holistically, we worked on an everlasting color palette and implemented a more minimalistic approach to imagery, combining the brand's commitment to quality, intelligent function and beautiful design.



Schweizerbad's rebranding included the redesign of multiple product prospects, an image brochure, and a price catalog to accurately reflect and summarize their contemporized visual identity across all printed materials. These prints help to further solidify the brand's market positioning, playing a crucial role in the new brand strategy.


Schweizerbad's printed materials were redesigned with clean and modern layouts, high-quality imagery and refined typography to reflect the brand's values of sophistication and elegance. We worked on a completely new concept and strategy to translate all content into a clear and visually appealing design language. Through the careful selection of paper stocks and printing techniques, the new print materials also reflect the brand's focus on luxury and quality.



A content production photoshoot of the bathrooms and bathroom furniture designs featured in the catalogs and other materials was necessary, to accurately convey the brand's brush up. It aimed to showcase the brand's sophisticated and elegant products most appealingly, highlighting the functionality and quality that Schweizerbad is known for.


We focused on curated content production of key bathroom designs to showcase the brand's standards of aesthetics and practicality. With art direction and on-set styling, we elevated the composition on set, which resulted in images that accurately reflect Schweizerbad's sophisticated and elegant products, aligning with the brand's new visual identity. With an eye for detail and an appreciation for unique materials, we captured the essence of the products in their truest form.

The name says it all. A bathroom inspired by Swiss values such as quality, precision and Individuality, created with a keen sense for timeless, understated design. High-quality materials, outstanding practicality and intelligent functions meet exquisite design to form all the hallmarks of a classic Swiss product. Everyday items that are anything but everyday.

– Schweizerbad