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Drinkpure ensures the highest standards of purity and taste in drinking water through an innovative solution backed by certified, advanced filtration technology. Their products aim to address the growing demand for clean and accessible drinking water in every home by removing various impurities. We focused on raising awareness and increasing engagement in order to improve their visual presence in multiple design categories and channels, such as content creation, influencer relations, and social media management.

Photography by: Christopher Philadelphia

Videography by: Dominik Schulz

Photography Art Direction: BYKARB

Portofolio photography by Savannah J & Editing by Jackie Th

Switzerland's most effective and innovative water filtration solutions.



Developing a channel-specific social media strategy that increases brand awareness and elevates its digital presence, especially on Instagram. Delivering science-backed information through design-forward content, also in combination with a strategically aligned influencer program, to ensure the best representation of the identity and story behind drinkpure.


Based on research and analysis of the brand's market and location, we built a holistic social media strategy and guidelines for their key social channels. We then created all content in line with a brand-specific marketing calendar. In addition to creating visually captivating content, we integrated compelling copywriting into meaningful storylines to engage audiences. By covering the daily management of all channels for complete and optimal performance, we increased traffic growth and customer loyalty.

Drinkpure's advanced purification technology delivers clean, fresh water that nourishes every cell, revitalizes the senses, and promotes overall well-being right from your tap. Simply attach it to your faucet, and you're good to go!

— drinkpure



The content production aimed to visually demonstrate the ease and accessibility of drinkpure's innovative water filter system for providing healthy drinking water in every home. Through captivating photography and videography, the project highlighted the product's user-friendly features, versatility, and ability to be integrated almost anywhere, reinforcing the brand's commitment to promoting a healthier lifestyle.


To visualize the brand essence, we produced a collection of high-quality, channel-specific imagery and video content showcasing the drinkpure water filter and its benefits. These assets were utilized across several platforms and channels, including social media campaigns and website features. The brand's message was reinforced by compelling visuals and engaging storytelling techniques in order to attract new customers and foster a holistic look and feel.

Drinkpure water filters offer an efficient solution for purifying water by effectively removing a wide range of contaminants. With easy installation directly on your faucet, they provide a convenient and effortless method to enjoy clean drinking water that not only nourishes every cell, but also revitalizes the senses and promotes overall well-being. Designed for the entire family, drinkpure ensures that everyone can experience the benefits of safe and healthy hydration, right from the comfort of their own tap.

— drinkpure