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MDO Skincare is known for its powerful skincare solutions, offering products that address a wide range of skin concerns. Developed by Simon Ourian M.D., the A-listers and celebrities such as the Kardashians most sought-after aesthetic specialist. We have worked with the brand since the product development, creating multidisciplinary strategies for their distinct needs. Our work for the brand aimed to increase MDO Skincare's visibility through various design and marketing disciplines, including network & influencer relations, media & public relations, social media management, event design, or even content creation.

Photography by: Daniel Schwirtz-Torstenson, MDO Cosmetics

Videography by: Ferko Port Daniel, Schwirtz-Torstenson, MDO Cosmetics

Animations by: Jannis Sitte

Photography Art Direction: BYKARB

Customized Cosmetic Dermatology by Simon Ourian M.D.



Develop and refine a channel-specific social media strategy that increases brand awareness on the social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok. Working in close cooperation with Simon Ourian M.D. as world-renowned beauty doctor, thus adding character to the brands social media presence for a successful launch and a rapid brand growth.


In addition to developing visually captivating creative content through meaningful storylines such as videos, lives, images and captions, we handled the day-to-day management across multiple social platforms. We posted using the latest features and trends, updated channels for their campaigns, and led the communication for an active and vibrant online community. Through regular analysis, we provided professional and actionable insights for optimal performance.

I believe that everyone is born with beautiful skin. My goal is to enhance the natural beauty that has always been there! For me, great skincare results hold true value when they empower you with that extra boost of confidence. Today, my ambition is to provide women with the treatments, products, and tools they need to achieve rejuvenated, radiant, and healthy skin in the comfort of their own homes.

– Simon Ourian M.D.



Building a community of brand ambassadors consisting of content creators, opinion leaders and digital talents to raise visibility. Establishing valuable tong-term collaborations both online and offline, creating a network of relationships. Therefore we developed market-specific influencer strategies to elevate the brand at its best.


Sourcing from our network, we established the #MDOSkinClub, cultivating a community based on long-term partnerships across all media disciplines. Ranging from content creators in the micro area, to brand ambassadors in the macro area, celebrities and clients of Simon Ourian M.D. We built a global influencer marketing program to launch the products, contributing significantly to the growth of the brand.

I've been using this MDO BOOST Set for three weeks now. What I really like about it, is that you can also mix and match the ampoules as you like! If you are traveling and you are feeling tired you can for example use the Vitamin C and the EGF for the lifting effect at the same time. And I’m loving the results because my skin is firm, it looks younger, and also intensively hydrated. I really recommend this routine!

– @kikafourzali