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on today’s menu

my favorite meal is anything with karbs


full service agency

it is all about meal prepping these days. choose your menu out of our meals.

apart from project management and short-term implementations we also believe in monthly services for a long-term approach.


flexibility on every level

feel free to share your needs with us.

we are more than happy to realize your request.

it’s a by karb way of life

beauty, food/ health, travel, mobility and sound. we love to think 360°. well connected on every level. sharing insights, realizing special projects and working on creative concepts.


growing with the zeitgeist

as the digital age is known for its fast changes and tech developments, by karb always strikes for new on and offline trends and beyond. no karb left behind. great things will be served.


digital services

design & creation

social media strategy

strategic & creative

social branding

visual presence

look & feel

content marketing

community management



social services

creative network


circle of trust influencer


relations cooperations

panel talks workshops

special interest events

creative consulting

corporate design

branding/ rebranding

art direction


content creation (text & image)

shooting & production


streetstyle, studio, stills, still-life, campaign

design & creative services styling

editor online/ print



public relations services online & print, media planning

marketing services

special events
conception, implementation, coordination, guest relations

event 3􏱃60􏱄°


brand image

brand consulting

brand launch & reposition

brand strategy
brand implementation brand identity & purpose „purpose driven brands“, brand content


brand stories


connected experiences

brand pilot

brand strategy by karb

brand profiler


brand competence


brand design







let’s get social with by karb – social services

connecting people is one of our favorite things to do.

with care and an eye for details we realize events in all kind of directions. from concept, orga/ structured planning up to guest relations and a detailed follow up. connecting brands & people.


social media & influencer relations - digital services

working on your digital business card. feed will get you followers. pictures and content will get you likes. social media strategy by karb will act as a guideline for the brand’s social media presence regarding visuals, tonality and algorithm.

finding the right influencer for your brand dna. influencer relations selected with care to match the brand’s audience. social media workshops by karb up on request.


by karb on set – creative consulting

fashion, beauty and interior styling with a high expertise. with our editorial background we realize lookbook productions, campaign shootings, editorial, social media content and video productions. personal styling up on request.

branding, content productions as well as storytelling are upon the creative services by karb.


isn’t everything about taking care of good relations? - communication services

public relations can be used to protect, enhance or build reputation through the media, social media, or self-produced communications. by karb analyzes the organization, finding positive messages and translating those messages into positive stories. shaping an image and enhancing their reputation. advertising is paid media, public relations is earned media. events, marketing strategies and building a brand through communication concepts is key to our daily routine.


let’s talk about branding - brand consulting 

working on a new or existing brand? by karb is right by your side. brand launch & reposition, brand strategy & stories are covered with the brand consulting services. finding the right tonality and visual appearance as well as strategic milestones and stories that fit to your brand dna.


brand strategy by karb - brand pilot

a tool for psychographic analysis and positioning of companies/ brands and basis for the definition of corporate identity – corporate design. a method for collecting, processing and evaluating company and brand profiles. simple, fast, traceable, practice-orientated. brand pilot defines the strategic and communicative base for everyone involved in brand management.

get in touch.

the brand

  is the biggest

asset of a                company


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