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by karb - the place to connect.

representing an innovative creative agency concept based in munich and zurich. a unique approach, with access to high profile inspiring individuals. a place where new technologies and innovators connect, collaborate and conceive products and brands that reimagine the way we create.


feeling the need for sustainable and modern communication strategies suiting each brand. we believe in a close relationship with our partners and challenge the constant progress to the consumer’s behavior. we cover digital, creative and communication services and encourage a new way of thinking. 


count memories not calories.

by karb - your daily dose of creative kcal. content, fashion, beauty and lifestyle - our version of karbs. it is all about keeping the creative balance and the individual nutrition. creating meaningful routines for your company. team by karb at your service.


new strategic concepts to visualize brands. telling their story from a different point of view focusing on brand values, core ideas and target group manners with an emotional and personal twist. by karb thinks outside the box with a real 360° implementation. celebrating digital media with a high influence of print.


we create inspiring experiences and individual approaches. team by karb realizes concepts & collaborations across all types of channels. our 360 way of thinking unites in a unique synergy of all relevant forms of new media. by karb is a social circle of experts with a highly innovative claim. zeitgeist is key to the by karb philosophy. 


to be successful follow the rules, to make history break them.

everyone has their own story. by karb is ready to embrace yours.

Kreativagentur, PR,  Social Media, Content Creation, Website Design, Marketing, Beratung 



by karb your daily dose of creative kcal. all things social, content & creative mindset.

we believe in new strategic brand concepts.360° and beyond. inform, rethink & inspire.being creative is a state of mind.feeling brand new with by karb. #bykarb





all things social, content & creative mindset.

we believe in new strategic brand concepts.360° and beyond.

inform, rethink & inspire.being creative is a state of mind.

feeling brand new with by karb. #bykarb

full service agency

apart from project management and short-term implementations we also believe in monthly services for a long-term approach.


flexibility on every level

feel free to share your needs with us.

we are more than happy to realize your request.​

social services - let’s get social with by karb

connecting people is one of our favorite things to do.

with care and the eye for detail, we realize events in all kind of directions. from concept, organization/ structured planning up to guest relations and a detailed follow up. connecting brands & people.


digital services - social media & influencer relations

working on your digital business card. feed will get you followers. pictures and content will get you likes. social media strategy by karb will act as a guideline for the brand’s social media presence regarding visuals, tonality and algorithm.

finding the right influencer for your brand dna. influencer relations selected with care to match the brand’s audience. social media workshops by karb up on request.


creative consulting - by karb on set

fashion, beauty and interior styling with a high expertise. Due to our editorial background, we realize lookbook productions, campaign shootings, editorial, social media content and video productions. personal styling up on request.

branding, content productions as well as storytelling are part of all creative services by karb.


communication services - isn’t everything about taking care of good relations? 

public relations can be used to protect, enhance or build reputation through media, social media, or self-produced communications. by karb analyzes the organization, finding positive messages to implement such tools into positive stories. shaping an image to enhance their reputation. advertising is paid media, public relations embodies earned media. events, marketing strategies and building a brand through communication concepts is key to our daily routine.


brand consulting - let’s talk about branding 

working on a new or existing brand? by karb is right by your side. brand launch and repositioning, brand strategy and stories are covered with all brand consulting services. finding the right tonality and visual appearance as well as strategic milestones, stories in particular that fit to the brand dna.


brand pilot - brand strategy by karb

a tool for psychographic analysis and positioning of companies/ brands as base for defining the corporate identity – corporate design. a method for collecting, processing and evaluating company and brand profiles. simple, fast, traceable, practice-orientated. brand pilot ©bykarb defines the strategic and communicative fundament for everyone involved in the brand management field.



an Icon


as the digital age is known for its fast changes and tech developments, by karb always strikes for new on and offline trends and beyond. no karb left behind. great things will be served.



fashion, beauty, food, health, travel, mobility and sound. we love to think 360°. well connected on every level. sharing insights, realizing unique projects and working on creative concepts.

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